Client Testimonials

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I was from overseas on a working holiday visa.  I was told by my employer that I could pay for issuing a second visa even I worked for them continuously for more than 10 months.  I was told that if I paid to "the agent" a fee, I could be granted the second working holiday visa within a minute.  I had doubts and went to talk to WF YAU Lawyers, I was advised I could generally work for one employer for 6 months unless I worked for the same employer in different locations or branches. I was glad to talk to WF YAU Lawyers, after I obtained their advice, I found another employer and had my second working holiday visa issued.  One of friends paid for the second visa later found out it was a scam and the agent whom paid was disappeared.  My friend was banned for 3 years before he could apply for another visa to come to Australia.

Thomas L. Brown

The staffs are helpful.  When I asked question, they gave me the answer that I wanted directly and clearly.  Giving me clear and direct answer enabled me to ascertain my situation and benefit for me to make a wise decision.

David K. Usher

I was an overseas student.  I got caught speeding and driving without a licence for the third time.  I was sleepless after I received the ticket and court appearance slip.  My friend referred me to call WF YAU Lawyers & Notary.  I had thought for a few sleepless night and decided to call and talk to them.  Before I attended the appointment, I felt like I was going to be naked about how bad I was to drive while my driver licence was disqualified and within the disqualified I got caught three times.  I was worried to death that I would be put in jail.  Not to mention, I was regretted to what I did.  During the meeting, I did not feel I was not judged, instead I felt relief that I told them my situation and how I wished them to help me. Eventually with their advice and assistance, I received a small fine that I was deserved.  I have not driven since and got my driver licence back after 18 months.

Bruce L. Ackerman

Appreciated with your help to divide my grandparent's land from one to three.  My grandparent enjoyed her new built home with retirement funds.

Frances J. Casteel

The conveyance services are so simple and easy with them.  They took care each and every step through to settlement until I obtained access to my new home.  The usage of updated technology communication is amazing.  I received information and notification through my mobile.  Even I was at work, all I have to do was just a text and done.

Ann M. Kruse

This was the first business I started in my life.  I was stress with everything.  I did not know how to start with, should I had my own company, should I trade in sole trading, what kind of business structure I should use, some people said I should have a trust, what about tax impacts, what about business name, what should I do if the business was not running well.....  I was referred to consult WF YAU Lawyers.  They made things so easy.  My worries were solved in one meeting.  I knew what kind of company and business name I should obtain.  I understood I needed a food licence to run my cafe.  I was given basic information about the income tax.  With their help, I had incorporated a limited liability company with my cafe business name.

Maureen B. Deluca

Business Owner
The process for applying a patent was complicated and timely.  Thank you for your help.

Kenneth F. Arp

People there do not judge.  They listen.  They helped me through my chaotic divorce.  I had emotional breakdown in their office but noone judge me.  They were sincere and understanding.  Thanks

Estelle E. Davis

It was a high tech small firm with experienced lawyer.  It was so simple and easy for me to give instruction and received their notification through my mobile.  Great services.

Edward J. Womack

My father passed away in Australia leaving estate in Hong Kong without a will.  I looked up WF YAU Lawyers from Queensland Law Society website.  My brothers and sisters were interstate and some were overseas.  We were originally from France did not have a clue how to get my deceased father's estate.  Miss Yau was an experienced lawyer originally from Hong Kong.  She was also a notary public.  She helped us to apply a letter of administration from the Hong Kong Court.  Although it took more than 12 months time, we had received all the estates and distributed.  We were appreciated.

Louise R. Horning

Application for Letter of Administration
The staffs are nice and patient.  I like the approach they deal with my ex-wife and her lawyer.  Although my ex-wife was so unreasonable, their team focus on the issues and settle the distribution of our property effectively.  Thank you!

Jay M. Witt

Thank you for attending the auction and bid the house for us.  We received clear information and analysis before the auction.  The bidding process was welled informed.  We appreciated with your services in particularly in the rental adjustment schedule for the 25 apartments.

Chris Chan