Commercial Law

Starting a new Business

You may start trading by registration of a business name as a sole trader.  Nowsaday, you may register a business name and apply for an Australian Business Name (ABN) online at the Austeralian Government Business Registration Service.

If you are trading with a business partner, you may consider to structured the business operating as a partnership or joint venture or under a company name or under a trust.

Sole Trader  

If you trade a sole trader, you will personally undertake all the business responsibilities such as you can be sued as well as your business.  Creditors may recover the business debts from you.


A partnership is that you trade with one or more than one business partners together.  You and your partners are liable for the business.

A limited partnership is a trading entity trades under limited liability.  Application for registration of a limited partnership is through Office of Fair Trading.

Joint Venture

A joint venture, in general, are two or more entities join to operate a business, and that business would be a project, such as land development or a international trade project.


A limited liability company is a legal entity with limited liability.  The liabilities of a shareholder is limit by its fully paid company shares.


A trading trust operate business on behalf of its beneficiaries with terms and conditions under the Deed of Trust.