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We have been servicing the local community since 2002.  We provide services in a variety of law areas by our experienced lawyers.  Our multicultural staffs speak client’s language.   Client’s and the community’s interests is our priority. 

2002年, 我们开始当地社区服务们的实际经区在多元化的法务域提供服务。 户和社会益是们的要任务。

Practice Areas 法务范围

Our major practising areas are in Business Law, Bankruptcy and Corporate Insolvency, Commercial Law, Land and Development Law, Migration Law,  Property Law and Notarial Services. 



Our notarial service team is an independent division, providing professional assistance to client in all aspects for notarizing international documents that be used in overseas. Our conveyance team services the local society with sincerity.  

我们公证服务团队一个独立部门, 公证国际文件海外使用,我们公证服务客户提供专业服务和协助们的房地产合同处理队真诚地为本地地区务。

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Our sincere staff speak multi languages. They understand you require an answer for your question, want to talk to find a solution to your problem, speak to our staff to arrange a meeting with our lawyer.

Free phone consultation is available for your urgent problem, simple call us and tell us your issues, we will discuss with you and refer you to the appropriate counsel for help.

Any discussion and information given during the phone consultation will be confidential. There is no obligation in the discussion.

Why Choose WF YAU Lawyers

Our teams deal with client individually on each unique situation.

We have best Legal Team

Our legal team is well experienced in commercial and property law areas.  Our litigation team achieves high result according to each unique case circumstances.

Best Case Strategy

Our case management strategy is tailored case by case according to each case situation.

Review your Case Documents

We review your case documents from time to time during the process ensure appropriate progress in accordance with each case circumstance.

What Our Clients Say About Our Services

A multi cultural law firm speaks client’s language.  Our Chinese speaking legal practitioners not only speaks Chinese but also has knowledge of Law of China and overseas countries.

一个客户语言文化律师事务所们的师不仅讲文, 而且还认识国和海外家的
I was from overseas on a working holiday visa.  I was told by my employer that I could pay for issuing a second visa even I worked for them continuously for more than 10 months. ...- Thomas L. Brown
The staffs are helpful.  When I asked question, they gave me the answer that I wanted directly and clearly.  Giving me clear and direct answer enabled me to ascertain my situatio...- David K. Usher
I was an overseas student.  I got caught speeding and driving without a licence for the third time.  I was sleepless after I received the ticket and court appearance slip.  My f...- Bruce L. Ackerman

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