Who we are

WF YAU Lawyers has been established since 2002. We strive to achieve the highest results. We provide comprehensive services to small to medium enterprises in Australasia. Apart from our Queensland Office, we have visited offices in Victoria and in Hong Kong. Our major practising areas are in trading and investment, incorporation of company, restructure of company, corporate insolvency, building contract, insurance law, patent and trademark, dispute resolution, sales of shares, incorporation of trust, real estate, corporate govern, family and migration laws and notarial services. We understand client wishes to receive advice in clarity. We aim to provide efficient, effective and sincere services.



邱律师事务所是澳洲昆省悠久有规模的法律事务所。 为本地及亚太地区提供广泛的法律及商业服务。 除昆省事务所外,邱律师事务所在维省及香港设有咨询处服务。 我们的主要业务范围包括商貿及投資事务、公司組成及公司事务、建築合约、土地发展、破产及債務重組事务、保險事务、知識产權事务、訴訟及爭議解決事务、合併收購及商業事务、專利及設計事务、私募股權及創投基金事务、房地产事务、离婚及财产分配事务、移民签证及各类签证事务。除以上服务泛围外我们亦提供公证服务。 憑著我們誠懇的態度及穩健的作風,深得客戶信任。

I attended WF YAU Lawyers’ office the other day for notarial certificate of my late dad’s probate.  I am surprised by their sincere atmosphere.  The way that they work with client.  I get my work done professionally and go home with unspeakable satisfaction.

Sarah BrownAustralia

I bought a block of 2500 sqm land.  I went to discuss with WF YAU Lawyers.  To my surprise, I got all information from them without go through any other channel.  With their assistance, the contract of sale was completed and the land was subdivided.  All the works were done successfully within reasonable time.

Andy SmithAustralia

Thank you to WF YAU Lawyers.

Their sincerity makes me feel that someone care, someone who listen.  I am not only talking to a lawyer, I feel like I am talking to my own friends.  I receive my insurance claims that help me lots during the period that I was unable to work.

Alan BrownAustralia